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Dance Therapeutics Level 1
with Deb Rubin 


18.5 hours of in-depth study with Dancer, Yogi, Bodyworker, and Dance Therapeutics Creatrix, Deb Rubin.  

Get out of Pain.

Enhance Your Dance.

Transform your Life. 

May 14-17, 2020

Chifferobe Atelier

Hope Artiste Village

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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Dance Therapeutics Level 1 with Deb Rubin is full.

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Upon registration, an email will be sent to you with further suggestions on how to prepare, suggested resources, self-care props, etc. 

Whether you are a tribal fusion belly dancer, ATS®, cabaret, contemporary, jazz, ballet dancer, or yogini; whether you are beginner or advanced/professional, this movement mastery intensive will give you the tools and techniques to properly and safely unlock and unwind tension patterns in your body, up-level your dance technique, artistry, body ability, creativity, and self-care, and provide you the body knowledge, anatomy introduction, and foundation for the well-rounded dancer toolkit.   Sourced from over 20 years study/exploration in Somatics, Yoga, Movement Arts, Mind-Body Medicine, and Integrative Anatomy, applied specifically for dancers, yoginis, and performance artists, this immersion includes the kind of leading-edge material that is not taught in regular belly dance classes/workshops, and that will dramatically and effectively unlock and unwind the body, open new movement pathways, refine your technique form, improve flexibility and strength, balance your mind, unlock creativity, deepen somatic awareness and understanding of how your body works, and how to best care for your dancer’s  body for years to come.  Dance Therapeutics helps you access the deeper levels of your artistic embodiment in the studio, on the stage, and in life.  


I have seen dramatic shifts in dancers' posture, poise, and technique from taking this training.  Dancers get increased fluidity in spine and torso, improved shoulder flexibility, core strength, ability for much bigger hip work, ability to access deeper places in the core for professional looking depth of movement quality, improved self confidence, grace, peaceful mind, and a much improved understanding of the inner workings of their own bodymind--which is our artistic canvas, our temple, our medium for dance and performance.   


*A necessary addition to any serious dancer's toolkit.    

*Great for teachers too. 

Dance Therapeutics Level 1 gives you the foundations for Deb Rubin's complete Dance Therapeutics Training Program levels 1-4, (with level 4 being a Teacher Training).  You will learn the fundamentals of Deb Rubin's signature approach and holistic, professional training methods to support you to be the dancer, artist, and healthy human that you dream to be. 


DTL1 is the prerequisite for Level 2, and continued study on the Dance Therapeutics Path. 

A welcome email including what to bring, how to prepare, and suggested reading list sent out upon registration. 


1) Body as Canvas:  Foundation, Interconnectivity & Functional Anatomy: 
Dance Therapeutics Groundwork.  3.5 hrs

Introduction to Dance Therapeutics, and laying the foundations, this module introduces you to FASCIA as a roadmap for better understanding your body in movement, dancer anatomy, how to unlock the body and maximize potential for flow states and performance optimization.  You will be introduced to the individual fascia chains as mapped by Tom Meyer's Anatomy Trains, and dynamic tensegrity to revision the Body in a more integrative, dynamic way, as well as the #1 self-care practice Deb uses in her own life to unlock stuck areas and warm-up for dance. Focus is on traditionally ‘stuck’ places in the belly dancer’s body, such as IT band, hips, back, legs, and beginning to recognize full body patterning.

*This module provides an overview of Dance Therapeutics and lays the groundwork for this body of work: Level 1, level 2, and beyond. 

*This module includes lecture, demonstration, and experiential practices/self-care rolling. There is no belly dance in this first workshop.


2) Dance Therapeutics Upper Body: 3.5hrs
In this workshop, we will focus on upper spine, ribs, shoulders, neck, and side body as it relates tobelly dance. We will learn how to unlock even the most “stuck” places, like the thoracic spine, for ultimate movement expression in belly dance, and proper dance posture and frame that saves the shoulder joints. Drawing from Yoga Therapy, Traditional Thai-Yoga Massage, Yoga practices, Somatic education, and Deb’s personal stash, we will focus on creating more space and flexibility in the upper body, spine, and shoulders to directly support your belly dancing posture, arms, isolations, flexibility, and articulation of movement in order to create slinkier, more controlled slow movements and maximum expression through the arms, hands, and fingertips. All of this will be directly applied to ATS® belly dance technique and stylization to integrate the material, including Deb’s explicit breakdown of her signature armwork and shoulder blade action to give the ultimate slinky tribal control, while still maintaining healthy joints and balanced biomechanics. The main focus of this module is on the shoulder girdle, and relationship of shoulder girdle to spine and ribs, and the implicit relevance to belly dance.  We will then integrate the material through technique drills and short dance combinations.   (Approx. 2.5 hrs feel-good therapeutics practices on your mat, 1hr dance integration)

3) Awakening the Fluid Core:  3hrs
This material is the conceptual and practical foundation of Deb’s unique core-centric approach to  belly dance, and how she trains the bodymind and builds dance movements from the inside out, and from mat to the stage for holistic integration and body mind health, while still rocking high level artistry and movement. After spending some time defining "core" and it's key role in the belly dance body, we will then explore how to access and articulate it through Deb's signature core-integrated Yoga for bellydancers vinyasa to use as warm-up for bellydance practice, as we cultivate strength THROUGH movement. Through the somatic vinyasa, we will learn how to differentiate structural core from superficial core, how to access and engage the deepest musculature of the core for increased articulation and movement quality, to create internal stability as well as improved nuances and refinement of form. Then we will directly apply these principles and practices to ATS® and tribal fusion bellydance technique drills.


Class may also include: core conditioning, pranayama, and bellyroll-asana, and an experiential anatomy breakdown of Core. Drawing from Yoga, Somatics, Anatomy Trains, Pilates, we re-define your CORE and help you awaken and strengthen all parts of it for dancing. This module introduces leading-edge somatic techniques, and pulls from the wisdom of multiple disciplines to refine our practice to best suit the spirals, coiling, circles, and undulating movement pathways of a belly dancer.   A stronger core also contributes to a healthier low back.

*This module is also wonderful for postpartum women, post-abdominal surgery recovery, chronic low back sufferers, and anyone looking to deepen their core-connection, ignite the creative fire, re-connect to their power center and find one's own voice. 

4)  Dance Therapeutics Lower Body.  3.5hr
Drawing from Yoga therapy, Traditional Thai-Yoga Massage, Feldenkrais, Somatic education, partner yoga, and Deb’s personal “stash” of dance therapeutics, this workshop will deeply and safely help you increase spinal articulation, release the low back, hips, gluts, sacrum, and legs; dramatically increase ability for belly dance isolations and layering, and give you lasting tools for your own personal practice and dancer self-care. All of this will be applied to tribal fusion belly dance. A therapeutic daily series will be given for low back/hips.  This workshop has sold out at TF in 24hrs, and is one of my most requested workshops around the world.  (Approx 2-2/12 hrs therapeutics mat practice. 1, ½ hrs dancing integration and application)

5) Fluid Spine & Healthy Backbending: The Basics.    2 hrs
Intro to the Spine and it's fluid nature.  Drawing from the wisdom of Yoga, Somatics, Integral Anatomy perspective, and leading-edge bodywork technologies, this workshop focuses on proper alignment and mechanics of back bending to save your lower back.  Beyond traditional Yoga asana, we will offer you a somaticized, yoga-based vinyasa flow daily practice sequence that is designed to develop the path towards healthy back bending, with direct application to tribal fusion bellydance movement vocabulary.  *Please note: The mechanics of basic back bending will be introduced and practiced safely.   The intermediate/advanced Healthy Backbending module of Dance Therapeutics is offered only in Level 2.  It is suggested dancers integrate L1 into their practice for at least 6months before moving on to L2, in order to organically increase strength and flexibility necessarily for sustaining deeper backbends. 

6) Self-Care for Dancers/Wrap Up:  1 hr
Deb will share with you some some of her favorite self-care techniques for maximum results with efficiency of time and effort, using bodywork tools and props.  We will revisit any topics from the weekend that still desire some time, and any hot topics in the community will be addressed, as well as how to care for injuries, ways to support your dancer body outside the studio, and how to best integrate the weekend material directly into your life and your practice. Please bring your questions.  Closing circle.

7) Integration, Embodiment, Review:  2 hrs

 Less talking, all practice.  Be guided by Deb through one 60 min. continuous flow mat practice, integrating practices from all workshops of the course. After spending the weeks learning the techniques, alignment, benefits, and breakdowns, this is your opportunity to drop out of your brain and fully into your body to experience the body benefits of Dance Therapeutics Flow practice.  Enjoy relaxing your mind and being guided through Dance Therapeutics sequences in one long flow, to feel the benefits, deepen your learning of the material, and see how to incorporate the practices from all the workshop all together, to begin to develop your own personal practice.  There will also be time for Q&A at the end, so bring your questions or anything you want clarification on from the course.  This is your time to ask all your questions before testing, too!   From experience, this is the workshop where everything 'clicks', and synthesizes our weekend's material into embodiment.  From experience, this is many students' favorite module. 

Note: Anatomy, biomechanics of movement, leading edge Somatics principles and practices, Yogic wisdom and practices, and wisdom traditions/philosophies woven into each module of the weekend. 

Please Bring Yoga Mat, strap or scarf, notebook, water bottle, and layers of clothes for temperature changes in the studio.


(OPTIONAL. Additional $50 fee paid to Deb) done after  Module 7.


1 hr written exam (taken as a group)

1 hr practical exam (done in small groups).


Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics is a 4-level training program, culminating in a teacher training module allowing you to become a teacher of--and ambassador of--this body of work, and share it with others with Deb's blessing.  Dance Therapeutics Level 1 gives you the foundations necessary to start your path, and is just the starting point. There is so much more in this vast and rich body of work to be experienced and integrated into your life to help you reach your goals, embody your best self, optimize your performance, and create the lifestyle and movement arts skills you desire. If your experience in the Level 1 weekend moved you, if you felt benefits and changes in your body, mindset, dancing, and health, and you would like to get more, go deeper, join our community, and continue on this path of study, we invite you to become Level 1 certified so that you can continue to evolve your craft, and refine your body health, training techniques, personal practice, and performance with Level 2.. and beyond. 




1. Eligibility for Level 2, 3, 4. and to continue... en route to Teacher Training if that is something in which you are interested.  CEU's available.

2. Access to our private FB group with L1 initiates from all over the world, to stay connected, have accountability and motivation for regular practice, build our community and share questions, 'ah ha's', ups, down, practices, successes, etc.

3. Continued access to Deb through that private FB group, with personalized attention and accountability, opportunity to ask me your questions all year round.

4. Access to exclusive content, additional (free) practice videos and material for you in the FB group you will ONLY get if you are certified in Dance Therapeutics. 

5. Discounts on some of my specialized Dance Therapeutics online content, and classes.

6. Being a part of this global tribe, accountability buddies, and continued practice and support year-round through our FB group.

7. The personal satisfaction of a job completed and well done.

8. For those of you who want CEU's for your professional fields, this is also possible. Contact the Organizer.


What do I need to do to receive my L1 certification?


To certify in level 1, requirements are: 
1. Completion of the full, in-person training with me. Attendance at all the modules, completion of all the assignments. Positive participation/contribution in the group.
2. Completion of the written and practical test at the end of the weekend with Deb. ($50 additional testing fee)
3. Completion of the online Integrative anatomy for dancers course, for which I give you a $100 discount coupon code, so you get it at very discounted rate.
4. Completion of your 10hr practice log of home practice.

These requirements must be completed within 3 months after our training. If you are not available to test with the group at the end of the weekend, you can set up skype testing with me after the event as well, for an additional fee. If you do not pass on first go-around, re-testing is offered for small fee. 

How do I prepare for the Test?

Testing is offered at the culmination of the L1 training weekend with Deb. 

There is written test and a practical test.  All test questions are taken directly from the course manual given to you at the start of Level 1, and are gone over throughout the weekend, in order to prepare you. We suggest going over the study questions at the end of each section. If you can answer all of these, you will ace the test.  There is also opportunity for Q&A in the last workshop on Sunday. Come prepared with any/all your questions and Deb will be happy to address them before testing time.